Saturday, October 25, 2008

Lighthouse Roasters (Fremont)

This morning, much more so than normal, I desperately needed caffeine. I had some garlic fries at dinner last night and my stomach was churning all night. I woke up at 2 a.m. and didn't sleep much until I finally got out of bed at 5 a.m. I made a quick pot of coffee and had a cup to get me going. We loaded up the kids at around 7 a.m. and headed over to Fremont to go to Lighthouse Roasters.

Fremont, for those of you that don't know already, is slightly to the left of mainstream politicians. They just might think that Obama is a little too conservative for their tastes. Just take a look to see who greets visitors to the downtown Fremont area. I find it ironic that the communist leader is situated next to a corporate taco stand.

Enough about the politics of Fremont and let's discuss the coffee. Lighthouse is a very unassuming coffee house in a residential area at 400 N. 43rd St in Seattle. When you walk inside, you immediately realize that this place is serious about their coffee. There is a coffee roaster adjacent to the dining area that takes up half of the space inside the coffee house. When a coffee house is willing to go the extra step and roast their own beans, there's a really good likelihood that the coffee they make will be good.

As is usual, I ordered a 12oz latte and my wife ordered a drip coffee with hazelnut flavoring. My latte had a very intense, deeply roasted flavor on the first sip. With my head still being groggy after so little sleep, this flavor was just what I was looking for. I could almost feel the caffeine flowing into my veins. What I liked about this latte is that is was much more heavy on the espresso and lighter on the milk than most coffee houses. I really don't like how sometimes a latte can taste more like a coffee flavored milkshake than coffee. Oh, I almost forgot to mention that it was served in a mug. Touchdown! My wife claimed that she prefers my coffee to theirs, but I wasn't going to drink coffee with hazelnut flavoring to find out. Yucko!

The inside of Lighthouse is nothing worth writing home about, but who really cares how nice the place is when the coffee is so damn good? I could care less.

The baristas were a couple of guys. It just stands to reason that every coffee house won't have nice looking twenty somethings making my coffee.

If you are around the Fremont area, head over to Lighthouse and have a great cup of joe. If you are looking for a fancy place to hang out and fart around with your laptop and look cool, this place isn't the spot for you.

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