Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Top Pot Doughnuts (Bellevue)

Bellevue? Where's Bellevue? For all you Seattleites, there is some decent coffee in that homogeneous, boring wasteland known as the Eastside.

One thing that struck me as being odd about Seattleites is the complete disdain that they have for the Eastside. I can't even count how many times a Seattleite has complained about having to drive all the way out to the Eastside. It is as if Lake Washington is some magical boundry that they just will not cross. I contacted a remodeler to see if he was interested in doing some work on our home a while back. We talked for a while & the entire time we discussed the home and the project, he was very enthusiastic. When I answered his question that we live in Bellevue, he replied "sorry, we don't go all the way out there." Since I'm a Chicago transplant, I was taken aback by this mentality. A short trip in the car in Chicago is 30 minutes. I found it odd that people are so frightened about a 15 minute drive from Seattle across a bridge to Bellevue.

Ok, back to the topic at hand. The Eastside has at least one decent coffee house, even though it bills itself as a doughnut shop. Top Pot Doughnuts is located right in the heart of downtown Bellevue on 106th Ave NE between NE 8th St and NE 10th St. The Google Map is slightly off, so just go north on 106th if you are driving on NE 8th. It will be on the right side of the street. As of today, the lot just south of the building is available for free parking assuming you are shopping at Top Pot.

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Today, I had a little time to kill before my daughter's swimming practice, so coffee sounded like a good idea. I ordered my usual latte and the barista must be used to the soccer moms, because he grabbed a paper cup. Whoa there! Can I get it in a mug please? Crisis averted!

This was a very decent latte. It was really smooth with no bitterness or burnt taste whatsoever. Since Top Pot roasts their own beans, its a good assumption that they will put out good coffee, and they did. I must admit that I really didn't expect much. I was just killing some time and found a nice spot. Oh, the doughnuts are good too. My daughter snarfed down a doughnut in no time flat. Why is it that a 4 yr old can eat a doughnut faster than I can, but when it comes to dinnertime, they take forever?

If you find yourself in the downtown Bellevue area and need some caffeine , head over to Top Pot Doughnuts.

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