Monday, November 3, 2008

Herkimer Coffee (S. Ravenna)

Sunday morning, I headed out to grab some coffee, but I had an ulterior motive. So far, with the exception of Firehouse Coffee, I have really liked the coffee at the shops that I've reviewed. I don't want to act like Rachel Ray and pretend that everything I taste is the best stuff on the planet. So I did very minimal research and found Herkimer Coffee, which I had never heard of before. I assumed that since I hadn't heard about them, they must not be anything to write home about. Boy, was I wrong.

Herkimer Coffee has a couple locations, but I visited the one on 5611 University Way NE. This is 5 blocks north of the bustling University district area. It almost right next door to one of my favorite restaurants: The Caspian Grill.

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This is kind of a swanky coffee house. It seems brand new inside. Everything looked like it was recently polished and was clean as a whistle. There was some jazz being pumped into the room. This place has a really neat atmosphere. Be forewarned, this place only takes cash. That is not necessarily a bad thing. I could be crazy, but I'm guessing that's why this place doesn't appear to be a hangout for the soccer mom crowd.

On to the coffee. Like I mentioned earlier, I wanted to drink some burnt crapola coffee, so I could rip on it. This was not even close to what I was hoping for. This was an excellent latte. There was no harshness whatsoever. It was a nice rich, evenly balanced latte. It seemed to have the perfect amount of milk since it didn't have that diluted taste that often happens when you order a large cup and the ratio of espresso to milk gets out of whack.

The only puzzling thing was this place was nearly empty. I arrived there at 8:45am on Sunday, which is prime time for weekend coffee. When I went to Zoka in Greenlake at about the same time, the place was jammed. If I lived withing walking distance of this place, I'd be a regular here.

If you are headed out to do some shopping at the mall in the University district and need to get caffienated first, head over to Herkimer Coffee.

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