Friday, October 17, 2008

Verite Coffee (West Seattle)

Last night a few friends came over and I think a little too much red wine was consumed, since my normal 2 cups of coffee didn't seem to wake me up. I was running some errands which brought me to West Seattle. I've driven past Verite Coffee several times and have been wanting to try it out. My hangover this morning was a good excuse. They are located at 4556 California Ave SW.

Verite is right on the main drag in West Seattle: California Ave. This coffee shop has a bunch of lefty art on the walls, is into film and other general nonsense, all of which I could care less about. The furthest thing from my mind is all of this crap when I have a hangover and need coffee.

I ordered a tall latte, which was served in a mug. Again, this is a good sign. I now had a decent feeling that this might be a good cup of coffee. Then I noticed several bags of coffee beans behind the counter which were from Stumptown Roasters. This is another good sign. Stumptown is a Portland based roaster which has a great reputation. The coffee didn't disappoint. It seems like I'm having trouble finding a crappy cup of coffee. This was an outstanding latte. The crema of the espresso mixed with the foamed milk was super thick and creamy. The coffee had a really deeply roasted flavor without that burnt taste that is commonplace with a certain large coffee chain.

This place is a definite thumbs up and if I happen to be in West Seattle, I'll be coming back.

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